Panathinaikos men's volleyball team first gathering was held today (24/8) at the Saint Thomas Indoor Hall.

The “greens” officially began their preparations for the new season with Axel Jacobsen, Lucas Rangel, Dimitris Garas, Achilleas Bassis, Sotiris Synadinos, Fanis Roussopoulos, Stathis Arabopoulos, Vassilis Seremetis and Panagiotis Philipakopoulos. 

The athletes: Protopsaltis, Raptis, Andreopoulos, Markou, Van Den Dries, Stalekar, the coach Dimitris Andreopoulos and the assistant coach Pavlos Karamaroudis will join the team as soon as they complete their international obligations.

The team manager of Panathinaikos, Roulis Agrapidakis said: “Today we start our preparation for the new year. Our goals are the same as every year, for Panathinaikos to star. Our team has been properly staffed and has become even stronger compared to last year. I hope we will not face the same issues as last season dye to the pandemic. I wish to us and to the other teams to be healthy so we can have a competitive championship and all athletes to be able to cope with the obligations of their teams “.